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New objective function of parameters extraction of photovoltaic modules for plummeting execution time complexity
Research Description
Building precise solar cells and PV modules models is indispensable for constructing I–V
and P–V features. A crucial difficulty in the estimation process is time complexity. The
application of optimization algorithms to solve the photovoltaics (PV) parameter estimation
requires solving the mathematical equation through numerical analysis methods with
an iterative process, leading to an increase in time complexity. This paper proposes a new
objective function (OF) that can be solved using algebraic mathematics. The consequence
of the proposed OF is to decrease the time and cost of implementation by reducing the
complexity. The designed procedure has been tested and evaluated by estimating the PV
parameters of two cases of study using Single Diode Model (SDM). The results have been
validated with those obtained using the conventional OF. The paper also presented a new
application of the recent optimization algorithm of the Dingo Optimization Algorithm
(DOA) to reach the optimal solution for the OFs.With the proposed linear OF, the results
demonstrate a 21.96% reduction in the simulation time over the nonlinear OF concerning
a difference among them of 2.5460e-06. The simulation results with statistical tests have
proved the superiority of the new OF in the parameter estimation process.
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